The Natured theme has the ability to help you to create a personal portfolio using the Portfolio Post Type plugin.

screenshot for displaying one style of the Natured portfolio

So the first thing you will want to do before moving on to the next stage in this tutorial is to install and activate this plugin.

A nice feature about the portfolio is that you can use actual pages to choose 1 of 4 portfolio templates that we made available:

  1. Portfolio Grid (2 Columns)
  2. Portfolio Grid (3 Columns)
  3. Portfolio (3 Columns & Square Thumbnails)
  4. Portfolio Grid (3 Columns & Tall Thumbnails)

Creating a Portfolio Page

To use a template, we need to create a page for our portfolio that will display all your portfolio posts from all categories.

  1. Go to  Pages > Add New
  2. Enter the Portfolio page title, such as My Portfolio. For the block editor, you can also add text and blocks in front of the project list.
  3. If you are using the block editor, click the tab on the right panel. Then click the Page Attributes tab (if using the Classic Editor) or Templates (Block Editor). In the Templates drop-down menu, select one of the portfolio templates listed in the drop-down.
  4. Click the Publish button.

Creating a Project

The process of creating a project page is the same as the process of creating a post/page but we will be adding our project from the Portfolio admin menu location.

  1. Go to the Portfolio tab in our administration menu column–usually found under the Posts tab.
  2. Click the Add New Item sub-tab.
  3. Start filling the fields and add blocks with text and media.
  4. In the right sidebar, select a portfolio category, a featured image, and a sidebar background image.
  5. Click Publish or Update
  6. Repeat for additional portfolio projects (posts).