Gutenberg is now part of WordPress. Because this is now the default editor, you still have the option to install a plugin called Classic Editor.

This theme does offer a way to disable the block styles, but it’s not quite as comprehensive as we would like to make it…more on this later.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Other Options
  2. Look for the Disable Gutenberg Styles setting and toggle it on (blue) to disable
  3. Click the Publish button

Once you disable the block styles, no more block styles will load.

IMPORTANT: Remember when disabling the block styling, anything that was using blocks will now be unstyled and no longer available. This means anything that uses blocks and is shown on the demo for this theme, will not be possible.

UPDATE: We’ve recently written an article on How to Disable the Block Editor. It guides you through the latest methods to disable it and to put the Classic Editor back.

We have recently written an article on how to disable the block editor, as well, most of the Gutenberg features.