Most of these options are included with Alurra Pro. You can change the default label text for several page elements, such as the blog Read More link, Featured label, etc.

screenshot showing Alurra labels for featured and continue reading
screenshot showing labels for author bio
screenshot showing the label for back to the top nav in Alurra

Changing Your Label Options

screenshot for the Alurra pro label option settings
  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Label Options
  2. Make changes to any of the label settings. If the page is loaded in the preview window, you will see them change as you type a new label.
  3. Click the Publish button.

Post Format Archive Intros

WordPress does not let you customize post format intro descriptions (which are similar to Category descriptions). Alurra Pro has this feature so that you can do just that.

screenshot showing the post format label option settings in Alurra

The above label settings represents the post formats that Alurra Pro offers.

IMPORTANT: Post Formats will be coming to an Alurra Pro update.